New Steering Wheel For Mario Kart 8 Game. Nintendo Switch.

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Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Uses: Bracket for Nintendo Switch Gamepad, Anti-slip, Anti-drop, Anti-bump
Product size: diameter 11.5cm, thickness 2cm


1. It allows you to have a truer driving experience when playing on your favourite  racing games.
2. All our wheel attachments include a shoulder button mechanism which allows full functionality of the SL and SR buttons at the top of the JoyCons whilst inside the wheels.
3. Easy to install: Simply slide your Joy-con into the central panel of the steering wheel attachment, to become a fully compatible racing wheel for all steering wheel compatible games on the Nintendo Switch.
4. Easy to remove: Enhanced design now includes an easy access hole at the back of the wheel, so that you can pop the joycons out easily whenever you need to, without having to struggle, and without having to sacrifice how securely the joycons stay inside the wheels when in use.


Packing list: 1 x Steering Wheel Bracket for Nintendo Switch Gamepad